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Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. services. You will find our full range of services from Assembly Capablitlies, Machine Capabilities, and Production. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

Available Services

Assembly Capabilities

Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. has extensive assembly capabilities.

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Machine Capabilities

Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. is able to handle all phases of your product development, from conception to final condition and on into production.

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At Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. we are capable of producing a variety of products.

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Affordable Cost

Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. offers quality and affordable costs.

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  • Average Service Time of Our Certified Cable Assemblers is Five Years.
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Compliant
  • Design, Build, Maintain, and Run the Molds we use in our Over Molding Process
  • Qualified Employees Doing the Cable Line Welding
  • Qualified Employees doing all the Cable Line Soldering
  • Laser Wire Stripping Capabilities and Manual Wire Stripping
  • Shrink Tubing Capabilities and Produce EMI Cable Assemblies
  • G-Presses with Wire Applicators
  • Cirris Wire Harness Testers
  • Performing Extremely Fine Center Line Soldering
  • Welding Cables
  • Acrylic Dispensing Stations
  • High Intensity UV Curing Stations
  • Run Low Volume Lines and Large Quantity Orders
  • Assemble Cables used in the Medical Field
  • Running Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Assembly Equipment
  • Mass Pin Insertion Fixtures
  • Many Hand Insertion Fixtures


  • Reverse Engineering. 3-D Machining on all Machining Centers.
  • Flow WMC2-4020 Waterjet Machining Center with Dynamic Waterjet Technology with Twin 87,000 PSI Heads 6.5' x 13' Work Envelope
  • 2007 SuperVF2, Haas VOP-A Inline Direct Drive Spindle with Programmable Coolant, 12,000 RPM High Speed Head Haas VF-6, 10,000 RPM Head
  • Capable of Running 24/7 to meet customer requirements
  • Prototype - Producing Prototype models of Tooling or Assemblies
  • Mazak 6200Y Turning Center with Live Tooling and Bar Feeder, Twin Spindle, Twin Turit, and Parts Conveyor Zeiss Contura G2 RDS (CNC) CMM.
  • Fixtures - Used to designing and building all types of Jobs and Fixtures Used in Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Design Drafting - SolidWorks 2014, CAMWORKS up to 5-AXIS, AutoCAD Design Capabilities to Design Assembly Equipment, Dies, Jobs, and Complex Tooling
  • Hole Popper EDM with 12 x 13 Inches of Travel
  • AGIE WEDM having a Table Size of 30 x 24 Inches, and Travel of 10 x 13 Inches, Cut with .004 Wire and #8 Finish on Carbide
  • FANUC Wire EDM Table Travel of 9 x 12 Inche
  • Standard EDM Chevalier Table Travel of 9 x 11 Inches
  • Vertical Milling Machines.
  • Surface Grinders. 50 to 1 Profile Grinder
  • Heat Treat in House, Heat Treating for Tool Steel, and Powdered Metals Including Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Vibratory Deburr and Polishing Machine.
  • Laser Engraving Capabilities
  • Chemical Etching Capabilities



At Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. we are capable of producing Wire Harness, RF cable assemblies, EMI cable assemblies and Electro Mech. cable assemblies. In our cable assembly department, we have welding, soldering, over molding, Laser and Manual Wire Stripping capabilities. In addition, we have Shrink Tubing, Automatic Wire measuring and Automatic Wire Stripping Capabilities. At Valley Precision, we have the capability to design and build the over molds used in our cable assembly operations. Our Cable Department is supported with Certified Cable Instructors and Certified Cable Assemblers.

At Valley Precision our Hand and Semi-Automatic assembly department has the capability to run low volume assembly orders for hardware or electronic components, at a low cost to our customers. We will assemble your prototype, and work closely with you to help develop your process, and we will assist in making choices for efficient assembly of your product. If a change or redesign is required, it will not cause us a problem as we quickly and efficiently accept change to meet customer requirements. With our years of experience in assembly, we may find an item that seems incorrect at which time we always call our customer to verify the issue at hand.


In our machine shop, we have CNC Turning and CNC Machining capabilities, along with Wire EDM, Standard EDM, Surface Grinding, and Milling capabilities at low cost to our Customer. Our shop is supported with Certified Toolmakers, Machinists and Designers. We have Heat Treating Capabilities and all Inspection or Test Equipment is Calibrated.

At Valley Precision Tool & Technology, Inc. , we design and build all types of jigs and fixtures used in manufacturing and assembly.